Thursday, April 25, 2013

Final Prediction: 49ers First 5 Picks

There usually is around 13 - 16 corners taken in the first 74 picks so I doubt Tyrann lasts past much beyond 61. Might even have to trade up a little or he might already be off the table. Here is my prediction:

1-31) Jonathan Cyprien, FIU FS
2-34) Tank Carradine, Florida St, DE
2-61) Tyrann Mathieu LSU, CB
3-74) Travis Kelce - Cincinnati, TE
3-93) David Quessenberry, SJSU - OT

I would rather have Elam or Phillip Thomas at safety because they rate higher on the model. Hesitant about a small school safety despite hearing he impressed at the Senior Bowl. Wouldn't be too excited about this draft other than Mathieu and Kelce if they actually go for them. Cyprien and Tank can be solid contributers and all the players will be coached up. Hopefully they surprise me... The 9ers do a good job coaching up. We'll see what happens. Should be fun regardless.

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